In order to vote in Masarka Executive Board elections, you have to enter a valid personal voting token, that has been generated for each club member and has been sent to the email address, provided during the registration.

If for some reason you can't not access the voting application, for example:
  • you can't enter your voting token
  • you can't access your registration email anymore
  • or any other reason
please contact the Election Committee by email (

Election Committee: Varvara Muzovatova, Mariia Pasichna, Matěj Hrbáček

Select at most 3 candidates:

  • Lucia Vargová [pdf]
  • Oľga Ostashchuk [pdf]
  • Varvara Muzovatova [pdf]
  • Jaroslav Kačmarčík [pdf]
  • Jiří Hartvich [pdf]
  • Michal Pechník [pdf]
  • Oleg Ostashchuk [pdf]